Upside Down Race Car On The Track


Yeah that’s right. A car that runs upside down, or technically you may say “The Car which is Jeff Bloch, AKA “SpeedyCop”, is an American race-car enthusiast who likes to create all sorts of crazy contraptions for the popular 24-hour LeMons Race.

Oh and did we mention this car is also a genuine speedracer. To create this car Jeff actually transplanted a 1990 Ford Festiva in the body of 1999 Chevy Camaro.  This cross-specie vehicle has a four cylinder, 1.3 liter engine and an extra set of wheels thus making car a bit heavier. Although the car wasn’t purposely built to win races it is getting a great deal of attention of viewers. Well, obviously.

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This is not the first time Jeff has created a motorized Frankenstein either. A few months ago he made headlines with a Cessna airplane converted into a race car.  Lets see what he comes up with next!

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