Photoshop Tutorials – Creating Depth of Field Using Blur Filter

Ever wondered what the Gaussian Blur Filter in Photoshop actually Can do? It’s pretty interesting, actually. Unlike the other blur filters you can actually control the amount of depth.

 First up, Grab a good photo for Experiment on. I found this one good. you may choose it too.

Open photo in Photoshop by pressing Ctrl+O or going to File/Open and Press Create a Duplicate Layer By pressing Ctrl+J or go to Layer/Duplicate Layer Hit The Enter Key.

Lets Open Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur  and change the Radius to 5 (Note – You may change it to accordign to you image resolution)

Now select Elliptical Marquee Tool by by clicking right mice key on Marquee tool

Than Click and Drag to Select Desired Part of Photo

After that Press Ctrl+Alt+D for Feather Selection and change it to 40 (Note – You may change it to accordign to you image resolution)

Finally Press Delet key to Remove Blur from the above layer and get Depth of field Effects

Tip: Most Simplest way to Create Depth of Field Effect .. Create Duplicate layer Apply Gaussian Blur and Remove it with Eraser Tool. 

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