Photoshop Basic Tutorial – Layer style in photoshop

layer style in photoshop - Photoshop Basic Tutorial - Layer style in photoshop

Layer styles are special effects that can be quickly and easily applied to individual layers in Photoshop to change the appearance of something in very little time. They can be preset, customized, or even saved and used for later.

Using Layer Style

layer style in photoshop styles palette - Photoshop Basic Tutorial - Layer style in photoshop

Photoshop comes packed with a good number of Layer Style Presets, all which are easily accessible through the Styles Palette by going to (Window > Styles). To apply a Layer Style, select the Layer you’d like to work with in your document from the Layers Palette, and then select the Layer Style which you would like to apply.

layer style in photoshop layer effects applied - Photoshop Basic Tutorial - Layer style in photoshop

After applying a Layer Style, the effects in the layer can be seen, adjusted, disabled or reenabled from the Layers Palette. Layers with effects applied to them will have a small round icon with an ‘f‘ in it. To expand or collapse the effects applied to a layer, you just have to click the arrow to the right of this icon.

When a layers effects have been expanded, you can quickly disable specific effects within the layer style by clicking the eye icon next to the effect. Just like a layer, these effects can become visible again by clicking the blank area (where the eye would reside) when an effect is disabled.

 Making Quick Changes

You can make quick changes to a layers style by double clicking the ‘f‘ icon to pull up the Layer Style Options. From here, you can completely customize your layers style.

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