Photoshop Basic Tutorial – 3 Steps to Enhance Photo Color with Curve Tool in Photoshop

Curve Tool in Photoshop is one the most Smart and Easy tool to Enhance Image. In this Basic Tutorial of Photoshop you will learn how to Use Curve tool to Enhance/Colorize image.

First open an Image in Photoshop.

Stock Image

To make it easy for you we have uploaded Stock image For your Practice.

Step 1, Go to Layers / New Adjustment Layer / Curves.

Step 2, Select The Channel: In this tutorial We Chose Green.

Step 3, Click on Curve Highlighted Blue Drag Them to Direction as Shown in Above Image. Click Ok and you Done !!! Here is Your Final Image.

Tip : You May Also Try Blue and Red Channel as we Selected Green in Step 2. Note: RGB channel can also be used to Enhance Brightness and Contrast.

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