Pakistani Bus In London


London, UK: If you are living in London and want to marry or have a plan to enjoy any birthday party with traditional color of Pakistan then its possible now because the traditional “Pakistani Bus” is now in London.Introduced specially for Pakistanis living in London said, Chaudhry’s TKC, a restaurant in Southhall.
TKC claims that ”Once again we have shocked, delighted and thrilled by bringing this unique and traditional Pakistani bus out of its traditional home from Karachi to the streets of the greatest capital city in the world!”
People that have experienced the Chaudhry’s Tiara believe that it is the most ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ experience that they have ever had in a vehicle.

The bus with art has been featured in countless TV advertisements, shop openings, fundraising events, exhibitions. Including WALKERS CRISPS 2009, featuring Gary Linekar.


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