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Murals can dramatically change a room by adding color and dimension. A small space can appear to grow in size, while a dark space can look as bright as day. Be inspired to change up a wall in your home by checking out the many themes people have come up with for home murals.




Check out the 30 plus Beautiful Home Murals here..

55944b3d697ab031480052a5._w.540_s.fit_                                                         Modern irreverent tone in a hotel dining space.

55944774697ab03d040078a3._w.540_s.fit_                             A panel mural of branches and birds gives weight to a desk on a lone wall.

51bc7288dbd0cb1f84000df6._w.540_s.fit_                                     Bob Marley watches over a Hollywood dining room.

559558c8697ab056440080c3._w.540_s.fit_                                      Maps make great murals, as shown in this bright, casual dining space.

23766900_008_b                                     Etched Arcadia mural, $298 from Anthropologie.

35704691_095_b                                     Garden Chinoiserie mural, $228 from Anthropologie.

4f02e0ee545dade67a8883d88f654a6e                                     Brussels wall mural, $33/m2 from Photowall.

il_fullxfull.835867377_jae1                                     Spring floral large wall mural, $425 from Anewall Decor on Etsy.

5594476f697ab02318007f99._w.540_s.fit_                                     Murals aren’t just for walls, as this door proves.

5594476c697ab003c60085d8._w.540_s.fit_                                      An old photograph was blown up and turned into a wall mural.

55944773697ab0162e0053fe._w.540_s.fit_                                     A single panel, applied to the wall, looks like oversized art in this living room.

P162101-8                                     Gorgeous floral mural,can be configured in any size you specify for $59/m2.

55944779697ab0494c0062a6._w.540_s.fit_                                     Multiple panels as the French reproduction paper in this bedroom shows.

55944771697ab02c3400457f._w.540_s.fit_                                     In a Bathroom,a blown up images of a lake works well

il_fullxfull.806660635_3j6x                                     Banana leaf wall mural, $339 from Anewall Decor on Etsy.

il_570xN.631488448_qwl1                                 Beautiful WaterColor Mural Art

c090ef2099e6d4d48fd6798577266fb9                                  Love the idea of a landscape mural.

dd32892626f9239f00db155c80384e1a                                     Idea for a Modern Nursery Murals.

b39e7c590615f9e770f484c0a98dcf9c                                   Art Design For Bluish Gray Moralsbrick wallpaper in a bedroom

1b1a87ccd55efd7d2a5a34585dcf38d4                                            Brick wallpaper in a bedroom

d6428ca789aa371b8c06e2e29f9529f2                                   Geometric Herringbone Pattern Self Adhesive Vinyl by Livettes, $34.00

wall-murals-painting-ideas-interior-decorating-11                                            Modern Murals Art Decoration

wall-murals-painting-ideas-interior-decorating-18                                        Paint idea Modern Mural Wallpaper

Pacific Northwest Magazine. Pacific Northwest Living. The Bean and Donna Baxter residence.

The grand entry is indeed that.

244ae400c106c5e9a133caaa4848cf41                                                                  Modern and vintage style For Childrens

297b92420d0e354ba78c2c407a0f8831                                                                           Beach Resort Mural Wallpaper

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