Hardest and Greatest Part of Ramadan Be a Soldier Against Your Nafs


You know what the hardest part about Ramadan is?

It’s not the long hours of fasting, the attempts of memorizing Qur’an, the standing in Taraweeh prayer, or getting up/staying up for Qiyaam. Recommended: Ramadan Quotes 

The hardest part is realizing that you are your biggest enemy, acknowledging that your nafs is stronger than you think, accepting that even though he is locked away, Shaitan has still left pockets of influence all over you… It’s a tough, bitter pill to swallow, to know that your slip in temper, your impatience, your laziness in ibadaah, etc. isn’t cause of waswasa, but cause of your own self!

You know what the greatest part of Ramadan is?

It’s the month of mercy, of forgiveness, of practice. It’s the perfect month to beg for forgiveness, to assess your shortcomings, to change your habits, to make constant dua for help in overcoming your nafs.

It’s the perfect month to make the change you’ve been seeking to make the entire year.. There is about 10-11 days left, take maximum advantage & finish strong!

Be a soldier against your nafs, a soldier of Allah.. In Shaa Allah!

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