Facebook Can Recognize You Even if You Don’t Show Your Face


Facebook Can Recognize You Even if You Don't Show Your Face

Did you know that Facebook Can Recognize You Even if You Don’t Show Your Face ?

Well, this is incredible and scary both at the same time. Forget about “facial” recognition; Facebook’s newest technology is way good at identifying you in photos even without the need to see your face.

The New Scientist is reporting about the Facebook’s new “experimental” facial recognition algorithm which is so powerful that it can identify you in photos even when your faces are hidden.

Instead, the Facebook’s extremely accurate facial recognition algorithm uses other unique characteristics — such as your hairstyle, your body shape, your body language, your clothing and how you carry yourself — to identify that it’s you.

Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Technology – 83% Accurate Facebook’s artificial intelligence lab is working on this technology and, according to the head of artificial intelligence at Facebook Yann Lecun, the experimental algorithm is currently able to identify individuals with 83% accuracy, even if the faces in the photos are obscured.

Via : CFSol.pk Facebook Page

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