50+ Cute Girl Selfies Poses Ideas


perfect selfie


This word has, in just a matter of years, become part of our daily vocabulary. It’s even in the dictionary. In 2013, selfie was declared the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary.

selfie girl

What is a selfie, technically? For the purposes of this article, it’s a photo of a person taken by said person with a cell phone. In other words, it’s where the photographer is also the subject.

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Ideas for perfect selfies 

Chances are, you’ve taken a selfie or two with your cell phone. Most people snap a photo of their face, and then upload it to a social media site – most often Instagram. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, if you want to create more interesting selfies — selfies that will really stand out.

Here are 50+ creative ideas for cute girl selfies..

beech selfie

smile selfie

style selfie

selfie girl

fashion selfie

friends selfie

perfect selfie

cute selfie

stylish selfie

girly selfie

couple selfie

glasses selfie

hairs selfie

tatto selfie



flower girl


4 Poses

mirror poses

eye style

cute selfie

cap girl




cute girl



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