3D Printed Ladies Shoes – Future of Fashion



3D printing is an awesome invention of this era. You can produce what ever you like. United Nude+3D Systems presented those unusual, highly innovative and strange topographical shoes at Milan Design Week 2015. Conceived by a selective group of the worlds leading designers: ben van berkel, fernando romero, michael young, ross lovegrove and zaha hadid.

3D Printed Ladies Shoes


united-nude-re-inventing-shoes-milan-design-week-03 united-nude-re-inventing-shoes-milan-design-week-04 united-nude-re-inventing-shoes-milan-design-week-07 united-nude-re-inventing-shoes-milan-design-week-08 united-nude-re-inventing-shoes-milan-design-week-09

Sources :  unitednudedesignboom123inspiration

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